A wind farm and a plant for hydrogen production will be built in Rivne region
02 Dec 2021

A wind farm and a plant for hydrogen production will be built in Rivne region

In the village of Dovhovollya in Volodymyrechchyna (Rivne region) it is planned to build a wind power plant and implement a hydrogen production project. He is currently in an active preparatory phase, ITV reports.

Back in March 2021, a draft Roadmap for the production and use of hydrogen in Ukraine was presented. One of the hydrogen production projects is planned to be implemented in Rivne region.

“The project of a wind power plant in Volodymyrechchyna is one of the most interesting in the region, and today it is in an active preparatory phase. In particular, the allocation of land, registration of easement agreements, leases. This project will not require any subsidies, it is a private investment. The investor declares that the electricity generated by the station will be sold within 75 euros per MW. If we compare the market price, it is in the range of 90-110 euros per MW of electricity. Accordingly, the station will be quite profitable, "said Deputy Head of Rivne Regional State Administration Igor Tymoshenko.

He noted that MCL intends to sell hydrogen. Currently, it is still in the project stage: it is a question of development of technical and economic substantiations, search of the market of consumers, including in a municipal infrastructure.

"These are definitely very promising projects both for Rivne region and for the whole of Ukraine. Hydrogen technologies are important for our heavy industry, metallurgy. But they need to implement hydrogen at the legislative level, "the official said.

Source: https://ecotown.com.ua