In Belarus, there is an increase in demand for peat
04 Nov 2021

In Belarus, there is an increase in demand for peat

There is an increase in demand for peat, said Olga Prudnikova, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Belarus, the press service of the Ministry of Energy of Belarus reported on October 29.

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“Today, at different sites, including European ones, one can hear sound, in my opinion, opinions that purely renewable energy in the form of wind turbines and the sun does not solve the energy problem,” Prudnikova said. Therefore, more stable energy sources are needed, such as gas, wood, peat.

In 2021, Belarus increased the export of peat to Ukraine six times, and it is also supplied to Poland, Slovakia, Latvia and other countries. In addition to fuel peat, the demand for peat soils for the agro-industrial complex has also increased.

Peat reserves in Belarus amount to 2.4 billion tons, of which 302 million tons are suitable for industrial development. In 2021, 1.6 million tons of peat were mined in Belarus, 1.4 of which is suitable for fuel production and 234 thousand tons is non-fuel.

The domestic market is supplied with peat in the required quantity. This year, the demand for it has increased in rural areas. From January to September, the supply of peat to the population increased by 26% to 295 thousand tons compared to the same period last year.

Within the framework of the program for the development of the peat industry for 2021–2025, production capacities will be increased, and it is also planned to build 3.7 thousand hectares of peat fields.