Ukraine uses more resources than it can reproduce
17 Aug 2021

Ukraine uses more resources than it can reproduce

Since August 8, Ukraine has been living in environmental debt, ie it uses more resources than the environment can reproduce in a year.

The chairman of the State ecological inspection Andrey Malovany reported about it, transfers

"This date was calculated by researchers from the Global Footprint Network, which annually analyzes the use of natural resources in different countries and on the planet as a whole and determines the Day of Environmental Debt," he said. "For the whole Earth, it happened on July 29."

The resources of our planet are not limitless: by polluting the water with toxic substances, littering the earth with plastic and chaotically extracting minerals, humanity is bringing the Earth closer to complete depletion, - emphasizes Andriy Malovany. "The only way out for humanity is to change the approach to resource consumption," he said. "If the Environmental Debt Day is postponed for five days a year, then in 2050 the amount of resource consumption will be equal to the amount of their recovery."

Currently, the dynamics in Ukraine is positive: last year, the Day of Environmental Debt fell on July 24 - two weeks earlier.