VR Capital is investing 75 million euros in wind farms in the Odessa region
05 Apr 2021

VR Capital is investing 75 million euros in wind farms in the Odessa region

VR Capital intends to invest 75 million euros in three wind farms with a total design capacity of 49.5 MW in Odessa region.

Three agreements of purchase and sale of 100% of corporate rights in Artsyzka VES LLC, Artsyzka VES 2 LLC and Kyivska VES LLC were concluded on March 31 with the permission of the Antimonopoly Committee, reform.energy reports.

The seller of 68.61% was the Corporate Investment Fund (CIF), owned by the owner of Metropolia Viktor Kurtev, the sellers were 31.39% Yuri Kostrobiy and Oksana Kozachok, in 2020 they provide intermediate financing of projects at the development stage.

After the sale of three wind farms, Metropolia Group, which carried out the development part of the projects, in particular, land allocation projects, environmental impact assessment procedure, conclusion of preliminary agreements with the Guaranteed Buyer, will continue technical support of projects until their commissioning in 2022. year, noted in VR Capital.

On March 25, the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine gave permission to Elementum (Ukraine) II Limited (London, UK), part of the international asset management company VR Capital Group (USA / UK) Richard Deitz, to acquire more than 50% in three wind farm projects. ) - in LLC "Artsyzskaya VES" (Artsyz), LLC "Artsyzskaya VES - 2" (town of Suvorovo) and LLC "Kiliyskaya VES" (Kiliya, all - Odessa region).

The final beneficiaries of these companies are Yuriy Kostroboy and Oksana Kozachok, a former member of the Supervisory Board of Ukreximbank.

Elementum Energy Ukraine owns 28 SES with a capacity of 536 MW. In 2019, Richard Deitz stated that VR Capital Group is also exploring the possibility of investing in Ukraine's wind energy.

Elementum is currently building a wind farm in the Odessa region. The commissioning of its first phase was scheduled for the first quarter of 2021 (40 MW), the second - for the first half of 2022 (60 MW).

Source: https://ecotown.com.ua