German investors plan to build biogas plant on organic waste in Poltava region
16 Feb 2021

German investors plan to build biogas plant on organic waste in Poltava region

In the village of Pasichnyky (Poltava region) they intend to build a biogas plant for processing biological waste into electricity.

The project is implemented by the German company Braun Industrial Technology, reports

"The biogas plant as part of the plant will produce electricity up to 1.5 MW per hour and sell it to the general power grid at a" green "rate," said the Reshetyliv City Council.

It is expected that the biogas plant will operate as part of a waste processing plant that will receive and sort household waste from the Reshetylivka community. The construction of the enterprise requires an area of 4 hectares.

The sorting line will allow removing not only organic waste from garbage, from which biogas will be produced, but also glass, plastic and metal. The complex will be able to process 26 tons of garbage per day.

"The possible location of the plant is the village of Pasichnyky, where the authorized landfill is located," said Yuriy Nevmerzhytskyi, deputy mayor of Reshetylivka. "For processing into biogas, it will be possible to use an average of 40% of garbage that is transported to the landfill in Pasichnyky."

The implementation of the project will create 48 new jobs.

It is assumed that 95 percent of the cost of building the plant -180 million hryvnia - invested by Germans, the local budget will allocate 9 million hryvnia.

The project will be discussed with deputies and the community. If the initiative is supported, German investors are ready to build the company in a year.

The waste processing plant in the Reshetylivka community will be the first in the Poltava region.

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