A 3 MW biogas plant has started operating in the main landfill in Odessa
29 Dec 2020

A 3 MW biogas plant has started operating in the main landfill in Odessa

A 3 MW biogas plant has started operating at the Dalnytskyi Quarries landfill in Odesa.

The degassing project was implemented by Clear Energy Group, dumskaya.net reports.

The gas released during the decomposition of waste is pumped around the clock through wells located throughout the landfill and transported through pipes to gas filters, and then burned for electricity generation. The plant pumps up to 90% of the landfill gas from the landfill body. The station includes three cogeneration units of the Austrian company Jenbacher and allows utilization of up to 12 million cubic meters of landfill gas per year and produce about 70 thousand kWh or more than 24 million kWh per day. year of "green" electricity.

The station at Dalnytskyi Quarries is the most modern and powerful in Ukraine, the company notes.

"Degassing of the landfill will prevent fires at the landfill: when burning methane, a large amount of toxic substances is released, which spread for many kilometers around," explains Andriy Hrynenko, director of Clear Energy Group. "In the near future, air quality in the region will significantly improve: landfill gas is very harmful to humans and has a strong odor." So far, the biogas plant has reached its installed capacity.

"It was a difficult construction," said the Soyuz enterprise, a long-term tenant of Dalnytskyi Quarries. "Because of the quarantine, there were problems with the supply of spare parts from abroad, the state stopped paying the" green "tariff, owing the company huge sums, but the construction was completed even earlier."

The next step is the reclamation of the Dalnytskyi Quarries landfill and the construction of a waste processing plant. The third stage involves the construction of an energy recycling plant.

Since March last year, Clear Energy Group has owned the Soyuz garbage company, a long-term tenant of Dalnytskyi Quarries.

Source: https://ecotown.com.ua/