In Luhansk region, a Ukrainian will install solar panels on the dumps of a former mine
08 Dec 2020

In Luhansk region, a Ukrainian will install solar panels on the dumps of a former mine

In the town of Kreminna in the Luhansk region, businessman Volodymyr Zhulynskyi plans to turn the waste heaps of the former mine into a solar power plant.

The project of an internally displaced person from Kadiivka envisages coal mining, clayification and landscaping of slopes, installation of a solar power plant, Public Radio reports.

"On the red-brown heap of the Kreminna mine and the dumps, which occupy more than three hectares, we separate the coal from the rock mass and get pure clay, from which we immediately form a site 10-15 meters high with a direction of 5-6 degrees to the south. explains the director of Lugekoenergo LLC Volodymyr Zhulynsky. "We will plant the slopes of the old heap with sea buckthorn and other plants, and we will install a solar power plant on top of the waste heap."

The produced electricity is planned to be sold at a "green" tariff.

The experience of Poland and Germany inspired Volodymyr Zhulynsky to turn the old heap into an ecological object. "The old heap is more than sixty years old, it has burned out, and the dumps are twenty years old - they are gray, clayey, in places overgrown with pines, because it is full of coal that did not have time to oxidize," said a businessman who leased the waste heaps of the former mine. for 49 years, writes

Currently, Volodymyr Zhulynsky lacks equipment, workers and funds.

"We have the same mining enterprise as a mine, only on the surface," explains Volodymyr Zhulynsky. "People from mines who have not yet retired can work at such enterprises for 6-8 years."

One of the conditions of lending in this region is the profitability of a new enterprise, says the entrepreneur. "Our company is just being built: first we took the money (those who could), invested, and we still need to make a profit," says Volodymyr Zhulynsky. "I implemented a similar project in Stakhanov, now it's Kreminna's turn."