Poland will give up natural gas
15 Sep 2020

Poland will give up natural gas

Poland will give up natural gas

Poland intends to replace natural gas with biomethane and hydrogen.

This was stated by Chairman of the Board of the Polish oil and gas concern PGNIG Jerzy Kwieczynski during the international economic forum in Karpacz, reports ngv.ru.

"We are part of a powerful biomethane program together with Orlen (Polish fuel concern), we are part of hydrogen technologies," he added. "We also want to use hydrogen in our networks."

According to Polish Climate Minister Mahal Kurtyka, official Warsaw expects to build a zero-carbon energy system within the next 20 years. "70% of our power units are over 30 years old and within 20 years we must build a new system with zero emissions and adequate capacity," he said. "This is an unprecedented challenge for Poland."

In the future, marine energy can produce 8-11 GW by 2040, and wind and nuclear energy - from 6 to 9 GW, said Mahal Kurtika.

Source: https://ecotown.com.ua