German company will build a 110 MW wind farm in Volyn
02 Aug 2020

German company will build a 110 MW wind farm in Volyn

In the villages of Laskov and Sukhodoly, it is planned to build a 110 MW wind power plant.
The project on the territory of the Zarechansk united territorial community is being implemented by a German company.

It is planned to install 22 wind turbines with a capacity of 5500 kW each at the station. The height of the mast of one windmill is 140 meters, and the length of the blades is 70 m.

Foreign partners together with Ukrainian businessmen are ready to invest several million dollars in the project.

“The wind farm is a source for filling the local budget and developing territories,” says Igor Palenka, chairman of the Zarechansk community. "A German company will register an enterprise for operating the station in Sukhodol so that taxes and duties go to the local budget."

Now investors have identified the plots that they will buy if it is private property or rent if it is communal property, explains Igor Palenka. "Either land tax or lease funds will be paid," continues the head of the Zarechanskaya OTG. "This will be a good impetus to attract other investments in our community."

Now a planning scheme for the territory of the Zarechanskaya OTG is being developed, where a place for installing wind turbines will be determined, says Igor Palenka. “Experts from Lutsk studied the area and conducted wind studies on the territory of the villages of Laskov and Sukhodol,” he says. "The hilly terrain provides good wind flow."

In the future, public hearings and meetings of community residents with investors and designers will be held.

Before starting the construction of the wind farm, foreign investors will conduct the necessary research on the impact of the wind farm on the environment, says Igor Palenka. “Only after providing the conclusions of the environmental expertise will the issue of building wind turbines be finally resolved,” he says.