The inventor from Nikolaev was the first in Ukraine to create a "solar" roof
19 May 2020

The inventor from Nikolaev was the first in Ukraine to create a "solar" roof

Solar tile of nikolayevets Pavel Rivers equipped the rural out-patient clinic in the Kharkiv region. The unique photovoltaic tile has recently received recognition and award from UNIDO, the United Nations (UN) Industrial Development Agency.
Pavel was interested in finding alternative sources of energy since childhood. He studied at the Black Sea University named after Peter Mohyla with a degree in medical instrumentation. There he began to conduct the first experiments in the electrical laboratory. The first development in the field of solar energy was the "solar" charger for a mobile phone.

“Analyzing how modern technologies for the production of solar modules are developing, I realized that the elements of solar panels should very soon be integrated into building materials, in particular roofing materials. That is, to become part of them. After all, you can get two in one, when the tile will fulfill the role of both roofs and energy sources. Why do double work - first the roof, and install batteries on top? Moreover, such an installation leads to a partial destruction of the roof - I mean the need to drill holes when installing batteries can lead to leaking of the roof. "
Realization of the idea helped participation in university competitions. A number of coursework of the inventor was devoted to devices with solar panels. For example, a standalone gas analyzer to track the level of air pollution on city streets. The obtained information can be used to redistribute traffic flows. And the thesis was devoted to the analysis of the situation with solar power plants in Ukraine. In senior courses at uni, Pavel already nurtured the idea of creating roof tiles based on solar panels.
The first model was based on polymer sand tiles. She took part in exhibitions, received prizes. The bottom line is that in the production of tiles from secondary plastic and sand it is supplemented with special inserts with solar panels. Its power is 100 watts per square meter. The introduction of this model is promising, since plastic debris can be recycled with roofing material. Private households may be interested in her first of all. In the second model, where glass is used, due to the greater density of photocells, the power is increased to 180 watts per square meter. It is she who was applied in the Kharkov region.

“The strength of tiles with solar cells is even higher than that of standard solar panels - due to the use of thickened toughened glass and smaller solar tiles. The tile segments are fastened together by a special aluminum profile, this completely eliminates leakage. If one section suddenly fails, for example, due to mechanical damage, then everything else continues to generate electricity. ”
The "solar" tile of nikolayevets is cheaper than foreign analogs. German manufacturers per square meter of tiles costs 390 euros. The cost of the Ukrainian roof after the launch of the tiles in serial production is planned at a price of 180-190 dollars. With regard to quality, the manufacturing technology of such tiles meets all generally accepted standards in the manufacture of modern solar panels, and in the future everything should depend on quality control. It is taken to provide at the level of world leaders.

The further life of the project
“Together with the director of Solar servis Dmitry Kolosovsky, we created the company River Solar, which will produce this tile. Now everything is in the stage of organizing production. A preliminary start is scheduled for the first quarter of 2020. By the way, potential buyers from abroad - Polish, Swiss, German - have already shown interest in us. Of course, I would like to arrange supplies for export. ”