The EBRD and Ukrenergo are developing a 200 MW energy storage project
07 May 2020

The EBRD and Ukrenergo are developing a 200 MW energy storage project

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development together with NEC Ukrenergo is developing a project to build a 200 MW energy storage system to regulate the frequency in the power system.

As the senior banker of the EBRD Energy Department Olga Eremina said at an online meeting on May 4, this project will be financed by a loan from an international financial institution under state guarantees, Energoreforma reports.

"We are working on a project to build an energy storage facility that will not require a" green "tariff and that could solve the issue of regulatory capacity and reduce the price of electricity on the market," she said. "We are currently considering the possibility of financing the construction of 200 MW."

It is not necessary to increase the current tariff of NEC Ukrenergo, Olga Eremina noted. "These 200 MW will not participate in market trading," she explained. "It will be a system service that the operator is obliged to provide."

Olga Eremina agreed that Ukraine's energy system is in dire need of balancing capacities and, accordingly, the fastest possible government decisions in this direction.

"The sooner Ukrainian government agencies support our project idea, the sooner the issue of flexible generating capacity will be resolved," the banker said.

Currently, the feasibility study for the energy storage construction project has already been developed. Primary and secondary frequency control will be used at the request of the system and "Ukrenergo will not sell this service on the market."