Free electric bus for doctors launched in Kiev
14 Apr 2020

Free electric bus for doctors launched in Kiev

During the quarantine period, a free electric bus was launched in Kiev to deliver medical workers to hospitals.
Skywell NJL6859BEV was provided by Skywell Ukraine, reports autocentre.

Volunteer work in the capital is carried out by an 8.5-meter machine, which has a low-floor lounge, which has 26 seats (total capacity - 60 people). The electric bus is equipped with a 150-kilowatt electric motor powered by 200 kWh lithium-ion batteries as a result of the city's actual power reserve reaching 300 km. The Skywell NJL6859BEV has a battery capacity of 4.5 thousand charge-equivalent cycles, equivalent to 12 years of operation.

These electric buses have already been tested in some Ukrainian cities. In particular, the 12-meter Skywell electric bus operates on one of the routes in Vinnytsia.