Residents of the frontline village of Lugansk provide fuel
11 Mar 2019

Residents of the frontline village of Lugansk provide fuel

In the frontline village of Stanitsa Luganskaya (Lugansk region), the charitable foundation Caritas Severodonetsk delivered humanitarian aid in the form of fuel briquettes to families whose housing was damaged as a result of hostilities and vulnerable categories of the population.

24 families received fuel, briquettes delivered two trucks to the Village of Lugansk. Unload helped the Ukrainian military and rescuers. According to local residents, they can’t afford to use gas to heat their homes, so they heat their homes with wood.

In total, 48 tons of fuel briquettes worth 128 thousand UAH have been delivered to the Village of Lugansk so far. Each family received 2 tons of fuel pressed from peat, sawdust and husk. As the deputy director of the Charity Foundation "Caritas - Severodonetsk" Sergey Zuev noted, they selected fuel of high quality and inexpensive, the delivery will continue.

“Until the end of February, we will provide 2 tons of fuel briquettes per household. It will be 326 people, ”he said.

“There are also many targeted grants - cash aid. This is 240 people one payment is 986 UAH, paid 4 months in a row, ”added Zuev.